Ways to Use Your Web3 Domain


What is an NFT and how do they work?

Unstoppable Domains give you an identity for Web3 - but what does that mean in practice? Here are a few ways that you can use your domain:

1. Human Readable Payment Address

With an Unstoppable Domain, you can replace your cryptocurrency addresses with a human-readable name. For example, you can use your domain to pay for an NFT or transfer cryptocurrency by typing in a Web3 domain instead of a long, alphanumeric crypto wallet address. With Unstoppable Domains, you can send bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 300 other crypto tokens without worrying about it going to the wrong address.

2. Encrypted and Private Email

Unstoppable Domains email provides you with a way to send emails while maintaining the privacy of your personal email address. Every Unstoppable Domain comes with a free “@ud.me” address that you connect to your personal email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) or with Skiff—an end-to-end encrypted inbox. Any email you send will show it came from your UD email, not your personal address. Unstoppable does this by using an email proxy service to exchange messages for your domain’s UD email address.

3. Decentralized Website

You can build your decentralized website using a template or custom design and join the nearly 30,000 websites created by the Unstoppable Domains community! Through Unstoppable Domains’ integration with Brave, creators can build decentralized content with a domain that they fully own and control. Brave uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. By attaching the website to your Web3 domain via the IPFS hash, your website is Unstoppable!

4. Digital Identity

In Web2, your digital identity is fragmented across various networks and platforms. For example, your Facebook account lets you store your information on Facebook, but your content, connections, engagements, and social graph don’t follow you to Twitter, TikTok or anywhere else. Not only does Facebook own “your’’ account and have full control over it but they can modify it, suspend it, and even delete it at a whim. Web3 domains powered by Unstoppableare different. You own it—including all the data and information about you.

5. Readable Leader Board for Gaming

For many gamers, being on the Leaderboard is a true badge of honor. But if no one knows you by your crypto address, how could you claim the crown? That’s why we introduced a feature called Reverse Resolution, allowing apps, games and metaverses to display your domain as your gamer tag. For example, we’re working with Snook—the well-loved modernized Snake game — to power their leaderboard, replacing long complicated wallet addresses with more personal gamer tags.

6. Social Media Signling

Leverage your Web3 domain for signaling to everyone on social media that you are in the know for Web3!

7. Defi Login

With your Unstoppable Domain, you can log in and share profile information like your email or social media status with DeFi apps, giving you control over your personal information. This also allows the application to access information based on your permission, to be used without storing it in their database.

8. Gaming and Metaverse Login

People keep asking when “The Metaverse” will be here, but in many ways it already is. Between massive multiplayer gaming worlds and metaverses for everything from fashion to education, there are already thriving communities online. Using your Unstoppable domain as a single identity across these online realms will help unify our online presence like never before!

9. Collectible

Imagine being able to buy websites before they were so popular. That’s why some people are buying Web3 domains today, but there are also lots of people who just buy them for fun as collectibles. It might be hard to understand if you haven’t tried it for yourself, but getting emotionally connected to your digital items is a real thing!

10. Reputation

With your Unstoppable domain, you can now showcase a few of your favorite achievements such as what NFTs projects you are involved in, or how many domains you have collected. This gives you the chance to enhance your Web3 identity and share your story with the world.

11. Digital Business Card

Choose a digital identity card to help you share your information in real life. With a few taps, you can download a custom card featuring your WEb3 domain, profile picture, and a link to your domain profile (ex: ud.me/sandy.nft) that’s optimized for your lock screen or your watch face. You can easily update your profile picture from the Unstoppable Domains website.

12. Brand

Many people use the brand as a signal for their participation in Web3. Sporting your Unstoppable domain on Twitter and other social media properties shows that you are in the community that is innovative, progressive and a builder (BUIDL in Web3 lingo).

13. Badges

Get rewarded for the contributions and achievements you’ve made along your crypto and Web3 journey with Badges. Unstoppable Domain partners can make custom badges to reward their community, identifying who has helped support them along the way. Were you part of a historical moment in crypto history? Now you can have proof on-chain!

14. Education Credentials

With Unstoppable partner Bitdegree, we enable users to carry their educational achievements across Web3. Candidates who complete a course will get a badge that signifies their achievement in their Unstoppable profile.

15. Tipping

Working with Unstoppable partner Coinkit, you can use your Unstoppable domain to tip and keep all your balances in one place for added convenience.

16. Avatars

You can even attach your domain to your favorite avatar. Not only can you showcase this in your domain profile, but you can also carry your avatar in your favorite metaverse, making your digital identity a bit more physical.

17. Rewards

With Unstoppable Domains’ newly launched Token Gallery feature, achieving this becomes even easier, as your achievements are now part of your ud.me/domain digital identity profile that is available to you on the Unstoppable Domains website. The Token Gallery is a ready-made way for you to display all your assets or tokens in one central location to share with others or admire yourself! This is just the beginning!

The Web3 space is a rapidly growing industry, and as it grows and expands, so will the number of unique ways you can use your web3 domain.

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