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Explore the world of web3 with our Educational Streams crafted by UWoW3 and our Partners - leading web3 and web2 companies. Whether you’re just getting started in web3 or wanting to dive deep into a specific topic, our educational streams cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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At Unstoppable WoW3 we are building a strong network of web3 experts to create educational materials for everyone. Our Partners from top Web3 and Web2 companies are joining forces to share their knowledge and experience with you. Web3 can look complex at the first glance, but every journey is easier when you travel with friends.

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A Stream with 50+ video/audio sessions and articles on various Web3 topics, including Digital Identity, Decentralization, Data, Career and the review of 20+ Web3 use cases. Conducted by Unstoppable WoW3 and our collaborators from Gemini, Opera, Prasaga, Celsius, Pinata, Lazy Lions, Sandbox, Decentraland, Polygon and others.

Web3 en Espanol

Bienvenida! No importa en qué punto te encuentres de tu trayectoria en Web3, ya sea que estés comenzando o quieras profundizar en un tema específico, en esta sección encontrarás contenido educativo que se adapta a los niveles principiante, intermedio y avanzado.

Web3 for Young Girls

A fascinating, easy-to-learn Stream for a younger generation of curious ladies who want to start their journey into web3. Go through a set of short videos and infographics created by Miss O Cool Girls community and learn the basics of Web3.

Digital Identity and
Web3 Domains

How important is digital identity in the world of Web3? Discover the fundamentals of Web3 domains, from what they are, how to get one, all the ways that you can use and more!

Identité numérique et br domaines Web3

À quel point l'identité numérique est-elle importante dans le monde de Web3 ? Découvrez les fondamentaux des domaines Web3, qu'est-ce qu'ils sont, comment en obtenir un, toutes les façons dont vous pouvez les utiliser et plus encore !


This stream is throwing light on blockchain technology and the advantages it has to offer to our lives. Learn about various blockchains that exist there and their principles of work, about smart contracts and innovative products.


Dive deep into the immersive virtual world of Metaverse! Learn from the top companies on how they build and grow their products, how the industries like fashion, gaming are migrating to the Metaverse, and much more!

What Leaders say about our Education

Juliette Blake Co-Founder of Miss O & Friends and Miss O Cool Girls NFT

“It’s never too early to start to teach girls about web3. As this new tech evolves, it’s our chance to shape it with the empowering narrative we want to see, which only comes from inclusion, education and involvement. The future is female and the next generation needs to be ready to take on the challenge.”

Alina Bajars Head of Partnerships @BitDegree

"Reliable and accessible Web3 education is not just about making sure women don’t fall behind, again. It’s about giving them tools to lead the new generation of internet."

Monica Talan Founder, CryptoConexión

“The resources offered by Unstoppable Women of Web3 are so critically important. At CryptoConexión we share a mission of informing, empowering and advancing opportunities for women - especially Latinas - in Web3 and we are proud to be part of this initiative.”