What Leaders are Saying About Joining
the Women of Web3 Movement

"This initiative is the perfect way for iExec to get involved in empowering the next generation of web3 builders, and at the same time, help make sure the space is accessible for all."

Nelly Cornejo - Head of adoption at iExec

"Soulverse is not only committed to ensuring everyone has access to legal identity through Soul ID, but committed to equality on all levels, and to create a supportive work environment to promote and nurture a diverse pool of talent and resources"

Kavitha Kanaparthi, Founder and CEO at Soulverse

"WoW is truly uniting the female professionals in the Web3 space by creating a collaborative spirit and a slew of networking and learning opportunities and facilitating cooperation among the leading blockchain and crypto companies."

Olga Grinina, Marketing director at Subspace Labs

“Web3 has infinite applications if we focus on solving real-world pain points around assets that are universally recognized to have value. It’s time for web3 to blossom from a house of cards into the truly groundbreaking, decentralized movement it was always meant to be.”

Genevieve Thiers, CEO at Entertainmint

"Blu3 DAO is excited to partner with Unstoppable Women of Web3 to accelerate our mission of empowering women, nonbinary, and allies to learn, earn, and play in web3 and achieve financial freedom. We wholly believe in working in alliance with partners and look forward to combining our strengths and resources to make the web3 space more diverse and welcoming to everyone."

Cynthia Huang, Founding team member at Blu3 DAO

"The Product House is an open and accessible community of web3 enthusiasts where we enable them to learn, earn, build, and grow together."

Rahul Barolia, Partnerships at The Product House

"At Lemonade Social we are excited to be partnering with UD Women of Web3. As a woman founder and leader in the web3 industry I see the lack of diversity within the space. Bringing more equality into the world of web3 now will allow the industry to grow to be diverse and inclusive allowing web3 to be for everyone, not just for a select few. I am proud to say that 75% of Lemonade's team identifes themselves as women and extending our way of work with UDWOW3 is a natural fit. Lemonade will be supporting women creators through web3 education, support, workshops and connections. I look forward to seeing what we can build together."

Ipshita Kumar, Co-founder of Lemonade Social

"JetLearn is the world’s first WEB 3.0 online academy for school-age learners in 40+ countries, empowering children with a foundation in new-age technology skills like WEB 3.0, AI, and Robotics. JetLearn is excited to partner with Unstoppable WoW3 as a key part of JetLearn's mission is to inspire more girls about the future-changing potential of WEB3.0"

Abhishek Bahl, Founder of JetLearn

"Web3 is a global phenomenon that brings more transparency and trust to business and consumer interactions. It has the potential to create enormous social and economic value. However, the full potential of web3 can only be realized if the ecosystem is diverse and inclusive. We need all voices at the table to build products and services that benefit more than just the big players in this space, ensuring that everyone can benefit from these technological advances. We need to work together in building a more inclusive digital world for us to achieve much more than what just one person or one group can imagine."

Carman Lam, VP of Marketing at Chibi Clash

"For too long, the efforts of too many have been overlooked, misattributed or misunderstood. Web 3 provides a renewed opportunity to do things differently. It is an opportunity to reimagine and build a world that is more inclusive; a world in which people have not only equality of opportunity, but also of outcome. As builders in this space, we have a responsibility to do better. We have a choice to operate and govern in a way that fosters trust, inclusion and growth for all. It is only through this type of approach that we can build a more sustainable future where everyone can participate and be recognised for their value and contribution. The Unstoppable Women of Web3 movement is an incredibly smart and timely way to empower millions and is something we are honoured to be part of."

Shirley Nzeh, Web 3.0 Africa

“At its core, Web3 is about shifting the balance of power and giving proper credit where it's due. Across the many teams at Zipmex, almost half of our employees are women. By participating in Unstoppable Women of Web3, we aim to boost financial literacy and empower more women to seize opportunities.”

Proud Limpongpan, Chief Marketing Officer at Zipmex

"We have been constantly inspired by women and minority groups contributing to the Web 3 community. Honored to be a part of the initiative, the team at Collectify looks forward very much to helping NFT creators and organizations from all backgrounds to grow and thrive."

Jeff Shen, Co-founder of Collectify App

"Reliable and accessible Web3 education is not just about making sure women don’t fall behind, again. It’s about giving them tools to lead the new generation of internet."

Alina Bajars, Head of Partnerships at Bitdegree

"At Miss O Cool Girls, our goal is to ensure that girls are included in web3. As this new technology evolves, it’s our chance to start it with the empowering narrative we want— one that can change our world for the better with education, inclusion and involvement. We are proud to join Unstoppable WoW3 that is actively building an equitable future, so together we can lower the barrier to entry and set girls up for success. This how is how we truly empower this next generation of change makers."

Juliette Blake, founder Miss O Coll Girls

"BeInCrypto runs its special project campaign #WomenInCrypto to start a larger movement and highlight the work of women and their impact on Web3. Partnerships with the pioneers of the industry are crucial to bringing our vision to life. #WomenInCrypto initiative is important to us because we want to ensure equality of opportunity. We plan to do this all while raising awareness of the opportunities that decentralized solutions have to offer, specifically to those in budding economies."


"Support Women and BIPOC in Web3, and empower them as they step into leadership positions"

Cynthia Colas, Co-Founder, NFT San Francisco

"Unstoppable Women of Web3 is a great initiative that is changing the landscape for women in the blockchain space. At xHashtag, our aim is to create borderless jobs that are flexible, and one of our largest target audience is women. I am proud to be part of this initiative and to help create more opportunities for women through Web3 tech."

Monica Durga, Founder, xHashtag

"Cripto Es Cultura was born with the clear goal to make Web3 and the NFT space accessible to women from the Spanish-speaking community. We are deeply committed to help make the blockchain ecosystem more diverse and inclusive, which cannot be such if we don't make it accessible to everyone, including non-English speakers. Joining the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative is another step in the right direction. Together we are stronger and unstoppable!"

Sabrina Bonini, Founder, Cripto Es Cultura

"Our impact equals our legacy. We all have the ability to become responsible for our actions and be intentional about our path let's seize the opportunity that Web3 offers us to create a more equitable future."

Leila Hurstel, Founder, AllStarWomen

“The sooner we understand that the lack of women in leadership roles holds us back not only women, but all people, the sooner we will be able to advance society as a whole”

Dana Riad, Founder, The Dalka

“A personal philosophy of mine happens to be one of Figment's key principles, which is to “make the invisible visible”. As a woman in the technology space for over two decades, I have seen technology evolve to where it is today and one of the key areas to point out is the availability of verified information. I am proud to be part of the Web 3 generation where it is easier to support initiatives like Unstoppable Women of Web3 through providing opportunities for everyone with a passion for Web 3”

Shana Derman, Channel Technical Integration, Figment

“We are so excited and honored to be joining Unstoppable WOW3's mission to create diverse web3 teams and foster inclusive spaces. As a Web3 startup dedicated to a vision of finance that works for all people, Eco is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to help us build that future together.”

Mikaela Kirby, Recruiting Manager. Eco World

“At Altered State Machine, we believe that women are SuperHeroines and are consciously committed to driving an inclusive and diverse Web3 community. We are proud to sign this pledge to educate and amplify the Unstoppable Women of Web3.”

Erin Zink, Head of Strategy & SuperHeroine at Altered State Machine

"Joining the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative was a no-brainer for me and VegaX. We know the importance of women being active participants in Web3 to help create and build our digital future well beyond Web3. We are thrilled to collaborate on this initiative to continue to educate and onboard women into EVERYTHING Web3 and beyond - Together we will go far!"

Natasha Bansgopaul, Co-Founder and COO, VegaX Holdings

“Web3 is for everyone, and it's our responsibility to ensure the next iteration of the internet is one that welcomes and champions diversity and inclusion. VaynerX is thrilled to partner with the Unstoppable Domains team on this critical initiative — bringing more people from under-represented backgrounds into the world of Web3 via education.”

Avery Akkineni, President, VaynerNFT.

“We are witnessing the biggest societal, business, and technology shift in a generation as we move from Web2 to Web3 and from centralization to decentralization. Along with this once in a lifetime approach, we have the opportunity to improve access to all levels of diversity including experiences, points of view, and gender"

Ray Wang, CEO, Constellation Research, INc.

“Unstoppable’s WOW3 initiative is gathering builders and dreamers together for sharing knowledge, learning from each other and build a supportive community. Metaverse Summit is thrilled to collaborate with Unstoppable on this initiative to encourage more inclusive, open and decentralized metaverse and Web3 ecosystem. We believe this initiative will help us find the keys towards a future-proof gateway towards Web3.”

Yingzi YUAN, Founder and Builder Metaverse Summit

"Web3 will not be better than web2 if there is no equality. Backing the WoW3 initiative was obvious."

Lacey Kaelani, Founder of Metaintro

"It was important for Project Galaxy to join the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative because we believe that Web3 should be open to all. Our founders often state that the backbone of Project Galaxy are the women on our team. As of today, 15% of our employees are women, and 2 out of the 3 leadership roles (CMO, BD Lead and Head of Client Relations) are held by women. We still have long ways to go but we truly believe that we can collectively empower women to join Web3 through education and resources such as the ones provided by Unstoppable Women of Web3."

Anne Ouellet, CMO Project Galaxy

"We have such incredible women actively involved in the building of NFT Paris (advisors, curators, ambassadors) that it felt natural to join this vocal group actively building an equal future for web3!"

Côme Prost-Boucle & Alexandre Tsydenkove, founders of NFT Paris

"We are so early in web3, and building with intention from the very beginning is critical if we want a more inclusive future. This has been a critical part of our ethos at Meta Angels, and we're thrilled to be supporting the Unstoppable Women of Web3 movement to onboard more women into web3 and support them on that journey."

Alex Cavoulacos, CEO & Co-Founder, Meta Angels

"Blockchain at Berkeley is excited to join Unstoppable Women of Web3 as we continue our commitment to creating a more diverse and equitable future in blockchain with a focus on education and innovation"

Richa Ray, Business Consultant at Blockchain Berkeley

"Trailyn Ventures and Trailyn VC supports educating the next builders in the web3 space so more women can start realizing their dream of understanding and ownership of the next generation of companies that will become unicorns"

Barbara Bickham Founder/CTO

"Mod Tech Labs believes the benefits are far and wide once the web3 ecosystem is faster, easier, and more versatile. The creator economy must be empowered by tools and platforms that promote scalable, interoperable, and decentralized content. In order to move the needle we have decided to join Unstoppable WOW3 to work with other companies and creators to advance the future of second screen experience, immersive content and accessibility."

Alex Porter, CEO of Mod Tech Labs

"Black Women Blockchain Council is committed to building a diverse and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. Our initiatives have always centered on making sure that no one gets left behind, that is why we are happy to join the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative by UnstoppableDomains. There is nothing better than to create a decentralized future where everyone is welcome to tap into the opportunities afforded by blockchain. We build a stronger future together, not divided."

Olayinka Odeniran, Founder of Black Women Blockchain Council

"We are joining Unstabbable Wow3 to lead by example for (people who identify as) women who have not yet taken the initiative to lean in to a new frontier, whatever that may be in their lives, personal or professional. This is the second company I’ve launched and there’s nothing more empowering for myself and others than to take action now to create the bright future we want. Let’s go!"

Caroline Dillingham, CEO at Wavelets Entertainment

"DRESSX is the largest metacloset of digital-only clothes, NFT fashion items and AR looks. As a women-founded, women-led digital fashion company, we have been onboarding women into the space through fashion since our inception in 2020. The recent launch of our NFT Marketplace gives us an even greater opportunity to educate and invite women into the Web3 world by sharing our passion for digital garments that generate zero waste, zero carbon footprint, and zero chemicals during their production."

Daria Shapovalova, CEO & founder ,Natalia Modenova, COO & founder, DRESSX

"As web3 matures, it's important that we come together as an industry to make sure that resources are widely accessible by all. Anyone can participate, and I think that is the core of decentralized finance."

Jenn Duong, CMO at EverRise

"Web3 is about giving power and ownership back to creators and builders around the world. Making Magic's product and services accessible and inclusive is essential, and hiring employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives will be how we get to mainstream adoption."

Sean Li, CEO & Co-Founder of Magic

"Unstoppable Domains has left its mark on the web3 ecosystem, and we are happy to join them in their commitment to making space for more women in the industry. This initiative aligns with the work MGD has been doing since early 2020. We have been focused on onboarding women to DAOs, providing education and networking, and distributing grants to women-led projects. We believe that the best version of web3 will be created through inclusivity. We are ready to create unstoppable opportunities for all!"

Ann Willmott, MGD Member

“Web3 will flourish if it’s built with diversity in mind. Industries that are represented with diversity of thought, experience, ethnicity and gender reflect their ecosystems and users most accurately. We’re proud to participate in the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative to bring more women into the fold and create a financial system for the internet that works for all.”

Maya Miller, Chief People Officer at Blockchain.com

“We at Binance.US are proud to sign the pledge in support of the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative. To build a truly unstoppable force for good, Binance.US is delighted to help connect women everywhere to educational opportunities and training resources for Web3 and blockchain. We believe access and education will level the playing field and usher in new possibilities for more.”

Carol Mackinley, Chief People Officer, Binance.US

“Everyone should have a chance to contribute to the burgeoning movement that is the Web3 space. Here at Polygon we’re motivated to address the social side of this growing industry - as well as the technical side. Our participation in the Unstoppable Women of Web3 movement is just one of the ways we aim to do this, and everyone at Polygon is delighted to take part.”

Sachi Kamiya, VP of Investments at Polygon

“Last year we were proud to see the number of women investing in cryptocurrency via Bitstamp rise by 24% - an encouraging sign that the industry is becoming more gender diverse. The Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative will encourage women to harness the benefits and opportunities of blockchain technology. This is central to our ambition to empower our customers with the knowledge to invest in cryptocurrencies. We look forward to working with this group, and all its members, to achieve this goal as crypto and decentralized finance becomes more mainstream.”

Mel Tsiaprazis, Chief Commercial Officer, Bitstamp

“The African Leadership Group is proud to join this movement that will amplify the voices of young African women in technology. These young women will become key players in the most cutting edge fields like Web3. Young women already make up 34% of our software engineers in training, compared to the 20% global average. With this commitment, we are excited to accelerate an already #Unstoppable force of women leaders in technology.”

Fred Swaniker, Founder Africa Leadership Group, and one of TIME Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in the World

“Crypto was built to create a more inclusive and efficient financial system – based on the fundamental principles of equity and equality, along with innovation. Web 3 will transform the world around us to the same magnitude as Web 1 and Web 2. It’s imperative we build an inclusive Web 3 from the start to realize crypto’s purpose and potential to democratize finance and beyond.  Efforts like Unstoppable Women of Web3 are integral to collectively achieve these goals. Ripple and I are thrilled to take part!”

Monica Long, GM of RippleX at Ripple

"Aside from helping the promise of Web3/crypto/DeFi blossom for the benefits it can bring to the economy globally, I see an opportunity to push towards greater financial inclusion and wealth creation for nextgen. In particular, I see crypto trading/investing, crypto credit score and metaverse as massive opportunities to bring more women and nextgen, including girls, into building their own wealth and monetizing on their exceptional creative talents. Companies and communities like Lazy Lions in the space are responsible to help with the digital divide, as well as education and building simple and intuitive products to make it a reality. Tokenplace and LedgerScore are humbled and proud to be a part of this amazing initiative and futuristic journey.”

Nina Knox, CEO of TokenPlace

“We believe this is the time to engage women and non-binary professionals in building a more inclusive Web3. We3 was founded on this mission and seeks like-minded partners such as Unstoppable and the “Unstoppable Women of Web3" to create tangible opportunities and communities to do so. We are inspired by Unstoppable's vision and commitment to this once-in-a-generation opportunity and are thrilled to join in demonstrating that the Women of Web3 are Unstoppable!”

Laura Du, Founder We3

“Unstoppable Domains is pioneering a new model in digital identity in Web3.  What I love about WoW3 is that it's bringing community and new voices to the market via an engaged community.   This highlights one of the guiding principles of Web3 which is the democratization of markets traditionally held by incumbents and gatekeepers who controlled the value.  Now with decentralized digital identity the ability for inclusion is part of the culture from day 1.  theCUBE has a long-standing shared vision around inclusion that promotes fairness, quality, trust, and openness.  If a person creates value they should own it. That is the key to Web3.  It's just the beginning of a new revolution.”

John Furrier, Co-CEO and Founder of theCube

"It is a foundational part of The Sandbox core values to support and empower women. We are actively removing Web2-type barriers to help provide women more access to opportunities in Web3 and the Metaverse. We've started putting education initiatives in place alongside our Metaverse Accelerator program for Entrepreneurs, and we are happy to facilitate the Unstoppable Women in Web3 initiative as part of our ever growing commitment to creating an equitable Metaverse for all."

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox

“As the saying goes, 'it takes a woman.' Well, I believe it will take a diverse coalition of women to educate and train the next generation of Web3 talent in order to realize the full potential of our decentralized future. The Blockchain Association, the unified voice of the crypto and blockchain industry, is proud to support this important initiative to prioritize inclusion as we build and grow the space.”

Kristin Smith, Executive Director of the Blockchain Association

“We are thrilled to join the Unstoppable Women of Web3 movement to inspire everyone to fly and accelerate opportunities for more women and girls to rise in sports and technology. The Drone Racing League is bringing sports to Web3, connecting our world class drone pilots and millions of fans through exhilarating drone racing competition that crosses IRL, virtual simulation and the metaverse."

Rachel Jacobson, President of the Drone Racing League

"In the metaverse and web 3.0 era we are all world builders and now is our time to build. Initiatives like this one help signal to all women they are welcome to come and join us to build this future. We're at an important inflection point when we should all join forces to create new opportunities for the women of today and the women of the future. If we work together, a better future is unstoppable!"

Cathy Hackl, Chief Metaverse Officer at the Futures Intelligence Group, popularly known as “The Godmother of the Metaverse”

"Understanding the dynamics and interdependencies of the complex frameworks evolving within the next wave of web services (Web3), is why the University Technology Office at Arizona State University has joined the Unstoppable Women of Web3 community. Our goal is to empower and prepare the next generation of tech-savvy women to be successful in advancing in the Web3 industry. We’re excited to be a part of a leadership community that aligns the future of web use with our vital values of bolstering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging."

Jess Evans, IT Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CIO at Arizona State University

“The universal truths of leading through inspiration and pursuing a vision of progress in the face of adversity have fundamentally shaped each of our lives, as well as the characters of the Valiant Universe for the last thirty years. Advancements in Web3 technology have allowed us to utilize this legacy of an aspirational worldview to look towards the future of accessibility and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Bing Wu, Valiant Entertainment

"Women have carried society and culture on their backs for thousands of years. Web3 is no different where unstoppable women are leading from the start and ensuring that this technological revolution is different from the Internet era: more inclusive, more diverse, more grounded, and ultimately more productive.”

Emanuel Udotong, Founder of Ancient Warriors

“Diversity makes us stronger and smarter in every way, and it has been a core pillar of Altair since its inception. “This is an incredibly powerful group of changemakers who are not just paving the way for women to have a seat at the Web3 table - they are actually making the table. We can't wait to get started.”

Amy Messano, Chief Marketing Officer at Altair

“Women need to be part of web3, thinking on how to create diverse, inclusive, and safe spaces for themselves,families, and children in the Metaverse.”

Anina Net, Founder and CEO 360Fashion of Web3

"The possibilities related to Web3 are endless and tough to truly fathom in the first quarter of 2022. The time is now to champion and empower women as thought leaders, innovators, and creators in such an important and emerging arena, as it will inevitably permeate and impact all sectors in one way or another. At Fame Lady Squad, not only do we advocate for diversity and representation in Web3, but we believe with the right exposure, networks, and resources, women will be instrumental in helping to create a better future for us all. Through our strong FLS community and our podcast, From The Blockchain, we aim to foster female leadership in this space to ensure women are the visionaries and builders of inspiring things to come."

Ashley Smith (aka "Bored Becky), Co-Owner Fame Lady Squad

"Opera is supporting Unstoppable Women of Web3 as diversity drives innovation. Opera not only is committed to building a great browser but building with a diverse team!"

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem leader at Opera

“Chipper is all about unlocking opportunities, across Africa and globally, the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative is a powerful opportunity to set the right narrative and intention for this massive movement.”

Ida Mannoh . Director of Growth - Activation and Retention at Chipper Cash.

“At Crypto Chicks, we are building a community to celebrate the diverse beauty of all women and empower women in the Web3 world. We're passionate about creating a warm, inclusive community and lowering barriers to entry to Web3, by partnering with major fashion brands that women+ already know and love.”

Elissa Maercklein, CMO of Crypto Chicks

“Women have a crucial role to play in shaping the next generation of the Internet. That's why FemPeak is joining Unstoppable WoW3 -- our missions have the same value propositions. Our joint mission is to train as many women as possible to start this journey and reach their peak."

Somi Arian, Founder and CEO of FemPerk

“Women are leading the way in Web 3, and we are so thrilled to feature so many exceptional female leaders on our podcast!”

Justin Shenkarow, Founder of the NFT Heat Podcast

"Surge is proud to support Unstoppable Women on our shared mission to open doors for women across Web3 and ensure they help build this new frontier.”

Surge Women

“Unstoppable Women of Web3 allows us to join forces and make Web3 an inclusive Techno-Social reality. Thank you, Unstoppable Domains, for jumpstarting this initiative.”

Dr. Efi Pylarinou, Top 10 Finance

"We're really excited that more organizations and companies are paying attention to the ways in which more people can feel included, welcomed, and onboarding into Web3. I'm always a big supporter and proponent that the power of Web3 will be fully unleashed when more people participate. WAGMI."

Kelley Cambry, Founder, Blue Studios.io

“As a woman- and minority-owned company, DLZP Group has always made diversity and inclusion a priority in all aspects of our business. We are thrilled to join the Unstoppable Women of Web3, and our commitment to the program will only strengthen our D&I initiatives.”

Lisa Brunet, President of DLZP

“AudPop is thrilled to use our video contest software to capture and tell the powerful stories on Women in Web3. Additionally, we love bringing together a panel of female Creators to talk about the future of Web3. Thank you to Sandy Crater and the whole Unstoppable team for this amazing opportunity in building and promoting Web3 and Creators.”

Paige Williams, Founder of AudPop

"We're really excited that more organizations and companies are paying attention to the ways in which more people can feel included, welcomed, and onboarding into Web3. I'm always a big supporter and proponent that the power of Web3 will be fully unleashed when more people participate. WAGMI."

Kelley Cambry, Founder, Blue Studios.io

“Every generation births new technology that changes the way we live, work and play. For my generation, it was the Internet. For the next generation, it is the Metaverse. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make sure we start out with everyone having a seat at the table."

Joshua Baer, Founder and CEO of Capital Factory

"The Internet is the most democratic tool at the disposal of humanity. As the world leaps to Web3, which is making decentralization a core tenet of the internet along with trust and power to its creators, it is the most logical way for us at SHEROES to think about our way ahead. We have always invested and believed in community, and today, over 25 million form this giant umbrella of trust to earn, learn and access capital. Women's access to new technologies and new capital is an important issue, which we are thinking about and working on. We are delighted by our partnership with Unstoppable Women of Web3 - a phenomenal initiative to bring more women into the Web3 fold. Leveraging Web3 can be transformational for India's women entrepreneurs, and early investments in training and mentorship, can help level the playing field further.”

Sairee Chahal, Founder, CEO of SHEROES

"TiE applauds Unstoppable Domains for its leadership in showcasing the inspiring  women leaders in Web 3.0 technologies. For 30 years, TiE Silicon Valley has been committed to fostering entrepreneurs in emerging technologies. As part of our continued commitment to fostering global entrepreneurship we are excited today about our collaboration with Unstoppable Domains in recognizing women leaders and entrepreneurs."

Anita Manwani, President Elect TIE SV

"We are looking forward to networking with women and people identifying as women in Web3 over this month's events. Working with Unstoppable Women of Web3 will be a turning point for diversity in a rapidly growing space."

Shaille Adiniolfi, Director at Consensys

"Web3 is a great opportunity for an inclusive and collaborative new internet. It is important to empower persons who are open to the new with simple yet effective tools. Building a website and publishing it on blockchain should be as easy as riding a bicycle: once you learn it, you can never fail at it. Pazly is this bicycle for Web3 - an online tool that helps you make beautiful, compelling websites, with no coding skills required, by combining and customizing a set of growing components. I'm extremely happy to have built the Unstoppable Women of Web3 website with Pazly components."

Cristian Bara, Founder of Pazly.dev